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A collection of brain dumps on many web development topics WordPress Focused but aim to be helpful to anyone in the industry.

Remove post Author from post

Sometimes when i'm developing a membership site i need to test assigning a post author if the code was not right the first time its good to be able to remove the author rather than having to start a new test. <?php $arg = array( 'ID' => 8378, //or whatever the...

ACF Group Loop

Need to loop through all ACF fields in a group?So basicly grab the group id from the backed the acf_get fields function will grab all children of the group then loop through and do what you want with it next up figguring out how to do this for a targeted post (not...


There is no denying filters in WordPress are amazing but for me the syntax always seems backwards (im not saying its wrong just how my mind reads it), so i thought i would write an article to make it clear (for me anyway). apply_filters() Adds a event in the php...

WordPress redirect after failed login FIX

You just created your fancy front end login form and everything looks great clients are going to love not haveing to use the WordPress login screen and your finally feeling like you have a legit feel to you member are then bam you put in the wrong password and it redirects you to the WP login screen what now?