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A collection of brain dumps on many web development topics WordPress Focused but aim to be helpful to anyone in the industry.

Its Been a while But Exciting plugins on the way

Hi All, Sorry for being so quite (i hate dead blogs). To fill you have been doing some agency work for a local web development company on the central coast Australia it has been surprisingly rewarding due to some excellent clients...

WordPress Save Hijack

How frustrating is it to have to use the Update button when typing posts and building pages. Here's a tool to save that mild headache. Got a bit sidetracked and wrote a plugin to make CMD+S and CTRL+S work as a save hotkey in posts and pages. Your donations will...

WordPress theme from scratch part 3.2: Housekeeping

since this is a live site i will need to put a message to my potentially confused customers so i will login at navigate to posts: and update hello world post: make sure you click update when your done (yelled at the computer and cleared...